Dinosaurs Did What?

OK. I can’t let this one pass. Perhaps you have already heard that some research scientists have speculated on a new theory concerning dinosaur extinction. No one knows for sure what really happened so every theory is speculative. Some hold to the Asteroid theory. Still others hold the Volcanic theory, the Ice Age theory, the Disease theory, and some Christians the Flood theory. However, some scientists believe it was climate change that took out the big guys. In a new twist on this last theory, they claim that gassy vegetarians like the Brontosaurus may have produced so much methane that they triggered the global warming which may have contributed to their own extinction. A study by a team of British scientists published in Current Biology argues that “dinosaur flatulence turned the Earth into one giant Dutch oven, contributing significantly to a warmer climate 150 million years ago,” says Slate. Continue reading “Dinosaurs Did What?”