Deal With It!

What if there was a man who woke up in the middle of the night only to find that his house was on fire. Can you imagine the horror of that? Let’s say that he got out of bed, sat down, and proceeded to write an essay on The Origins of Fire in Private Homes. [I am indebted to William Barclay for this title.] What would you say to him? “What a thoughtful and deep thinker you are, sir.” I think not. Instead you would say, “Hey, call the fire department! Wake up the kids! Get the heck out of the house!” In other words, now is not the time for philosophical thinking. There are things to be done. Deal with it! Why is it that in crisis most of us wax philosophical and ask the “why” questions? (I guess I just asked one.) Do those questions yield answers that really satisfy us? Would it have helped the man at Continue reading “Deal With It!”