Post-Election Fright

The election did not go the way many Christians wanted and some are being overcome by fear of what the future might bring. However, my prayer and my confidence has always been that God’s will be accomplished in any election no matter what the outcome. Some may think such a perspective is naive, but I think it is a very realistic way to live as a Christian in a very imperfect world. On the one hand, I “render to Caesar the things that are his”… namely, I fulfill my responsibility as a citizen and will always continue to vote for the candidate which I believe best stands for the values of God’s kingdom (although that is getting more difficult these days).  I also “render unto God the things that are His… in other words, I will leave the results of the election in the hands of my Sovereign God and trust Him for what He is accomplishing. I believe that trusting Him implies that I will not fear the future. Continue reading “Post-Election Fright”

For Those Who Have Lost Their Faith

This morning we received an anonymous prayer request on our website.I have lost my faith. Please pray that if I am to regain it, that God, and Jesus, choose to make himself clear to me. I need to see some miracles, because I have simply seen too much heartache to believe that Jesus is real and brings comfort. I appreciate your prayers on my behalf, because I don’t feel that my prayers have been heard.” My heart goes out to you dear sister/brother. It sounds like your faith has been gradually eroded through some very difficult life circumstances. You are absolutely right in asking for God’s help, which shows that your faith still has a spark of life. The Bible says that faith is a gift given to us by God’s grace (Eph. 2:8). It is not ours to gain or lose because it is a gift and as far I understand the Scripture, it can never be taken away. It unites us to Christ and straps us to his love so that nothing in this universe (neither death nor life… Romans 8:37-39) can separate us. Yet, many of us have experienced being overwhelmed by life to such an extent that our faith is smacked around and battered. Continue reading “For Those Who Have Lost Their Faith”