The Anatomy of Adultery

The old warrior was alone; he could not sleep. He had been the commander of his nation’s army, but now he was too old to fight and had been given more “administrative” responsibilities. He had reached the top of his profession and now he had the time to write his memoirs. However, he couldn’t sleep that night so he sat on the roof top of his palatial mansion and looked down upon the smaller homes surrounding his— almost as if they were bowing down to his greatness. It was then he saw her; a beautiful woman taking a bath on her roof top, a private place to anyone who lived in an ordinary dwelling. However, he wasn’t ordinary; he was David, the king, and his roof top was higher than hers. So goes one of the most sad and sordid stories in the Biblical account, starting in 2 Samuel 11. It changed everything for David, his family, and his nation. Nothing would ever again be the same. Lately, we have been hearing about another old warrior by the name of David, who also fell off his roof top into adultery. Continue reading “The Anatomy of Adultery”