Funny Headlines

literacy1I like reading newspaper headlines. They cleverly give you the gist of what the article is about and then, at the same time, entice you to read it. For example, in yesterday’s Chicago Tribune were the following: “Emmanuel [mayor] Pulls Plug on Energy Plan”; “Parents Pluck Apples from Kid’s Wish List.” You can probably guess that the first had to do with the Chicago’s electricity rates and the second referred to parents cutting back on expensive Christmas gifts for their children this year— did you know that 48% of 6-12 year olds want an Apple iPad for Christmas? However, sometimes headlines have a life of their own. Here are some actual headlines which leave one wondering “did they really mean to say that? Enjoy…

Utah Poison Control Center Reminds Everyone Not to take Poison

Parents Include Children When Baking Cookies

Federal Agents Raid Gun Shop, Find Weapons

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