An Election Day (Waiting) Prayer

As I await the vote count from 6 remaining states with population totals of over 18 million and the total number of votes that separate the candidates only around 200K, here is my prayer:

Almighty God, Eternal Father, Lord of Heaven and Earth, we humbly come before you as a church and pray for our nation in throes of this unsettled election. We pray all of this against the background of acknowledging that you are the sovereign God of the universe who sees yesterday and tomorrow through the lens of your eternity, and knows the end from the beginning—ruling over the affairs of humanity just as you govern the earth, skies, and seas.

In spite of all we know to be true about you, Lord, many of us are still filled with anxiety, others of us are fearful, and others even angry. We are thankful for our democratic (representative) form of government and the opportunity we have to exercise a say in its direction. On the other hand, we also acknowledge our allurement to power and the tendency we have to consider our political opinion pre-eminent. We often fail to recognize or admit to our own blind spots and prejudices which could lead us to disregard the opinions of others with as much zeal as they reject ours.

We often put too much faith in “the system” rather than recognizing that it is but a tool in your sovereign hand for accomplishing your divine purposes, not ours. And we admit that such a trust in our own opinion opens us to the dire warning of our Lord Jesus, “Judge not lest you be judged.” We opine the the viewpoint and negative qualities of others, only to see that our sensitivity to such viewpoints flow from the dark crevasses of our own hearts where the same sin dwells.

We are such weak and desperate creatures, willing to trust in anything that seems to serve us most immediately. O Lord, forgive us; revive us; stir within us a passion for your kingdom and glory. May we pursue justice and righteousness not because it is culturally relevant or a part of our party’s platform, but because it is what you desire from us. May we love mercy and kindness not because it fosters civility, but because it reflects you character who makes the rain fall upon the just and unjust. And may we be driven by the Spirit of humility, repentance, forgiveness, and repentance, thus shunning the way of anger and vengeance towards those who “in our minds” don’t deserve it—just like we dd not in your eyes..

For the Day is coming when every proud look will be brought low and you, Lord, will be exalted. All the glory of mankind will bow; all the pride of man will lie in the dust, and you will be exalted in all the earth. And all our political idolatry will be destroyed.

Holy Father, someday this most anticipated election of our lifetime will be be replaced by another. The election of 2020 will need to be googled to be remembered. But you, O Lord, will remain. May we then, as now, acknowledge with the prophet Isaiah, “Puny man! Frail as his breath! Don’t ever put your trust in him!” Through Jesus Christ. Amen.

As I finished writing this prayer the announcement came that Biden was being declared to winner, which still needs to be certified.

One thought on “An Election Day (Waiting) Prayer

  1. jax3172

    Dave, part of your prayer was “…On the other hand, we also acknowledge our allurement to power and the tendency we have to consider our political opinion pre-eminent.” Either Biden won fair and square, or perhaps (as you stated above) his supporters were allured by power or a perceived benefit of the outcome, and cheated. I cannot sit here and state either with certainty. What I can state with certainty is that the platform (just read it) of the party he represents is, not completely but for the most part, demonic, toxic, and anti-Christian. That’s not to say the Repubs are saints. A concern I have is that with court packing, turning illegals into citizens and voters, and adding 2 states, the reigns of one party Dem rule would not easily be overturned. IMO, it would be a step in the direction of Venezuela. True election reform making it difficult to cheat will not be embraced by that one party rule. How far and fast would we slide, and would we even slide? I do not know. I would say that probably 99% of the looters, violent rioters, ANTIFA, the likes of Cardi B, and arsonists, etc, if they voted, voted for Biden. That should not give you a warm feeling. That’s why Christians all over the country have been praying this wouldn’t happen. Yet I watch the mainstream media and it’s one big happy block party. But I am not dancing in the street. I grew up in Philly. It was bad then and much worse now. There may not yet be fire WRT election fraud but there sure is a lot of smoke (i.e., affidavits from poll watchers, numerous witnesses of voter fraud, even videos, etc). But George Soros (a huge Dem contributor) and the EU are ecstatic (hmm?). But here’s the cool part: Whether Biden was duly elected or if some of his supporters cheated doesn’t matter because our God reigns and is sovereign. I expect much more “when good is evil and evil is good” if he indeed does become the next president, but if his victory brings us one step closer to the Tribulation, bring it on. If pulpits that warn of the wrath of God for a Romans 1 USA are prosecuted or persecuted, then bring it on. All things are certainly not good, but all things work together for good, only because our God reigns. Maranatha.

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