Feeling a Little Neanderthal Today?

neanderthal_genes_t470There was an article yesterday in the Chicago Tribune about the latest theory that some of our human ancestors (Europeans and East Asians) mated with Neanderthals. Such trysts gave our forebears important evolutionary advantages, but may have created a lot of sterile males that wiped out through natural selection much of the primitive DNA heritage owed to these cavemen.

The comparison of the genomes from Neanderthal remains and modern humans, published online Wednesday in the journals Nature and Science, identified specific sequences of altered DNA that were shared. Even though much of the borrowed DNA code that helped humans adapt was eliminated, the strongest remnant of our Neanderthal heritage appears to be centered around as-yet unknown changes in skin and hair that likely proved advantageous (also some unhelpful things like diabetes). “The group of genes that stand out are genes that code for things in the skin, particularly keratin, which is a structural component of skin, and another group of genes that are keratins in the hair also pops up,” said geneticist Svante Paabo of the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology, one of the authors of the research.

So I guess you can conclude that if you have zits or are having a bad hair day, just blame it on the Neanderthal in you. Am I making fun of this? Yes. The Bible does not use the term “caveman” or “Neanderthal,” and according to the scripture there is no such thing as “prehistoric” man because the book of Genesis records events which precede the creation of man. “With that said, the Bible does describe a period of traumatic upheaval upon the earth—the flood (Genesis 6-9), during which time civilization was utterly destroyed except for eight people. Humanity was forced to start over. It is in this historical context that some scholars believe men lived in caves and made use of stone tools. These men were not primitive; they were simply destitute. And they certainly were not half ape. The fossil evidence seems to indicate that cavemen were human—men who lived in caves.” (S. Michael Houdmann read more: http://www.gotquestions.org/cavemen.html#ixzz2rwRz2QFn)

Back to the article on Neanderthals; it is one thing to suggest mating, but this “scientific” study claims that the reason why an estimated 1 to 3 per cent of the human genome comes from Neanderthals was because members of the two species may have mated perhaps 300 times about 50,000 years ago! How in the world did they come up with this? Did they have security cameras in the caves back then? Oh, and because the genetic signature is slightly larger among East Asians it was suggested that a “second wave” of mating took place among them; what population geneticist Joshua Akey called “a two-night stand theory.”

To be fair, there is not a lot of agreement about Neanderthals among evolutionists, but these bizarre theories exist because no one wants to admit that God created humankind as a separate and fully developed species. There may have been variations in the size and form, skulls and brains, customs and habits, tools and culture as the years went by, but they were all humans capable of spiritual awareness and worship, communication, society, and development (Genesis 2:19-4:12). Most evolutionary scientists consider the Genesis account a myth and yet they do not even blink at the myth-like theories to which they resort to prove the existence of prehistoric man. “They find a misshapen tooth in a cave and from that create a misshapen human being who lived in a cave, hunched over like an ape. There is no way that science can prove the existence of cavemen by a fossil. Evolutionary scientists simply have a theory, and then they force the evidence to fit the theory.” (Houdmann)

So if you are having a bad hair day, don’t blame it on the Neanderthal in you. Instead, use it as an opportunity to say with the Psalmist “My flesh and heart (and my hair) may fail, but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever” (Psalm 73:26).

4 thoughts on “Feeling a Little Neanderthal Today?

  1. Paul

    It’s laughable, what passes for “science” these days. Those most likely to use the epithet “anti-science” tend be anti-science or, at least “faux-science” themselves. More to the point, they lack intellectual consistency and integrity. I wonder if the Neanderthal-origin scientists and the alien-origin scientists have the same disdain for one another that they have for their Creator.

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