Post-Election Fright

The election did not go the way many Christians wanted and some are being overcome by fear of what the future might bring. However, my prayer and my confidence has always been that God’s will be accomplished in any election no matter what the outcome. Some may think such a perspective is naive, but I think it is a very realistic way to live as a Christian in a very imperfect world. On the one hand, I “render to Caesar the things that are his”… namely, I fulfill my responsibility as a citizen and will always continue to vote for the candidate which I believe best stands for the values of God’s kingdom (although that is getting more difficult these days).  I also “render unto God the things that are His… in other words, I will leave the results of the election in the hands of my Sovereign God and trust Him for what He is accomplishing. I believe that trusting Him implies that I will not fear the future. My dad taught me that during the Cuban missile crisis of the 1960’s when a lot of my friend’s parents were building bomb shelters in fear of nuclear war with Russia. He said, “Dave, as for me and my house, we will trust the Lord.” He taught me that the opposite of fear is not courage but faith. When I believe that God has things under His control, only then am I able to take courage and face a difficult situation. In the midst of the Nazi threat, one German Christian theologian described his faith this way: “if the future belongs to God I will not fear the next moment.” The Book of Hebrews was written to encourage Christians from shrinking back from their faith out of the fear of persecution. The writer continually told his hearers  “to hold firmly to the faith we possess”; “hold on to our courage and the hope of which we boast”; “hold firmly to the end the confidence we had at first.” In chapter 3, the writer cited the example of the Israelites who disobeyed God out of fear and failed to enter the land that God had promised– because they saw “giants.” Don’t miss the implication here: fear is the opposite of faith because it will lead us away from trusting God and we will begin to lean on our own understanding. Invariably we  will begin to react to the “giants” around us more than responding to the promises of God. There is that wonderful Hall of Faith described in Hebrews 11, where God’s men and women faced an uncertain future by trusting in their Eternal God. So, we are told persevere as we run the race before us; throwing off everything that would hinder us, and fix our eyes on Jesus-  not on the “giants.”  This election has given us the opportunity to grow in our faith and mature in our relationship with the Lord Jesus. It has also reminded us that our lives should be wrapped up in the Gospel and not a political candidate. When we hear about the changing demographics of our nation, we should not be afraid about losing our influence. We should rejoice that we have the incredible opportunity to share the gospel with people in our neighborhoods from nations which Carey, Judson, Livingstone, and Taylor spent a lifetime reaching. It is God’s will to bring glory to Himself and the Gospel to the world; and the mystery of God’s Sovereignty is that He will use storms, economic hardship, and “lost” elections in order to accomplish His purpose. In a furious storm on the Sea of Galilee the disciples woke Jesus up from a nap and said “Don’t you care if we drown”? Jesus replied, “Why are you so afraid? Where is your faith”?

3 thoughts on “Post-Election Fright

  1. Chris Neilsen

    Amen! Our God has shown grace and mercy and tender love since the first loss in the Garden and He continually seeks the lost and wants us always to find shelter in Him. Such a great God we serve and He’s given us great opportunities to share the gospel. Now we pray for Barak and his family to seek Him with all their hearts, minds, soul and strength. Our hope is In God not man. Thanks Dave for sharing this and what a wise dad you had!

  2. Ceci Bylls

    Pastor Dave I am so glad you wrote this and have forwarded to many of my friends who lately don’t sound so Christian since the election. While everyone’s candidate can’t win as we listened to the results my thought was God has a reason. Thank you

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