Child with Four Names- part 3

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The character of Messiah is described in Isaiah 9:6 by a series of four compound names: Wonderful Counselor (lit. a wonder of a counselor); Mighty God (el gibbor). The third name is Father Forever (Everlasting Father).  I have translated it in this order because the primary emphasis is on the Messiah’s personal relationship to His people. Again, ancient monarchs were often called “Father,” but they seldom had their people’s best interest in mind. The Messiah, however, will be a Father Forever to his own; perhaps a Father that many have never experienced; a Father that will never leave, a Father who understands, a Father who gives his life, and whose plans are motivated by deep love and concern for His children. Do we not see these characteristics in Jesus who wept over the tragedy of the human condition?  He once compared himself to a mother hen desiring to protect her chicks beneath her wings but the chicks (his people) would not seek refuge in him. Do we not see this love portrayed in Jesus’ sacrifice of himself on the cross so that all who repent and believe can be forgiven and reconciled to God? In Hebrews 2:17 Jesus is also portrayed as our brother: the One who became like us so He could be our compassionate High Priest. Father, Mother, Brother- is it not true that Jesus really becomes our entire family when we believe in Him? (John 1:12) Perhaps that is the significance of why the Body of Christ (the Church) is called the Family of God, especially for those of us who have been rejected by our own (Psalm 27:10). The Psalmist says (68:6) “God sets the lonely in families, he leads out the prisoners with singing; but the rebellious live in a sun-scorched land.” Just a thought…

2 thoughts on “Child with Four Names- part 3

  1. cheryl thibeault

    Thank you David once again for teaching my spirit . Please tell Gloria i am deeply sorry for her loss of her mother. Our hope is that we will one day all be together in joy with Jesus Christ. LOVE Never Ends.

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